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It takes all kinds of people to make an Army

There are many different types of people in the Army. Some are communicators, some are leaders. Some like to solve problems. Some work well with their hands.

What all our people have in common is dedication, strength of character and a passion to protect. But don't take our word for it. Check out the real stories of soldiers who serve in the Army, and find out what makes each of them tick.

Christchurch man honours the Queen with new Army family

Soldiering, Caterering and Ceremonies

Gautam was born and grew up in Punjab, India, but has now marched as a New Zealander in the New Zealand Army in London to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne. He did so because of a passion for serving the country and people while adding diversity to the Army and wanting to be a role model for members of ethnic communities.

NZA Ceremonial Soldiers Story
Welcoming 2022 in South Sudan

An Army Officer on deployment

As Major Dan Swale looks out over the HESCO and razor wire, the sun sets over Jonglei State, the last time for 2021.

NZA Army Officer Deployment Soldiers Story
Otago rugby player revels in the Reserves – the Army Reserves

Army Reserve Infantry

The name Leah Miles is a familiar one in Otago women’s rugby, where she plays for the Otago Spirits women’s rugby team, mixing it with the best players in the country. Originally from Nelson, she works part-time at the University of Otago gym while studying, and additionally serving with the Army Reserve.

NZA ResF Infantry Soldiers Story
Officer Cadet

Christchurch Officer Cadet takes on pressure from ‘Army fire hose’

Christchurch’s Jasmine Hill opted out of retail management because she wanted a challenge and to develop more skills. She now finds herself “drinking from the firehose” with the New Zealand Army and leading soldiers from two nations in the Fijian jungle.

NZA OCS MTP Soldier Story
Father and son deploy together as Reservist Combat Engineers

Army Reservists on deployment

Two soldiers who deployed to Niue recently as part of a New Zealand Army engineer team have more in common than most – they are father and son - John McGrail who is a police officer in civilian life, while Lachie is a third-year building apprentice.

NZA ResF CE Soldiers Story
Soldiers gaining experience on large-scale Manawatū roading project

Engineers on the road

NZ Army soldiers are picking up cutting-edge engineering skills normally outside their lane by taking part in the construction of a large-scale roading project in the Manawatū.

NZA Combat Engineer Soldiers Story

Sigourney. Achieving Goals.

Sigourney's dream was to buy her first home by 25. After joining the Army, she achieved that goal by 21. She also found a challenging career with many opportunities, good friends and a work/life balance that lets her enjoy it all.

I always thought I'm not tall enough, I'm not fast enough, I'm not strong enough.

But you never know until you try something.

Corporal Sigourney Sumich
Supply Technician

Kimberley. Gaining a Degree.

Kimberley wanted an alternative to university so she decided to join the Army. She's since received world-class leadership training, and helps shape the leaders of tomorrow. She's also completed a Bachelor of Business, paid for by the Army.

There's always more in you, and the challenges you will face, you won't be facing them alone.

LT Kimberley Martyn
General List Officer

Christian. Finding Purpose.

Christian's life began in Ruatoria, but once he joined the Army he experienced a much wider world. He represented New Zealand at Gallipoli, found his confidence and a genuine sense of purpose. He also feels reconnected with his grandfather who served in the 28th Maori Battalion.

I wanted to see what was beyond Ruatoria. My only real barriers were myself, because everyone else believed in me.

Corporal Christian Hohepa

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