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The New Zealand Army is a tight-knit team whose bonds run as deep as the land we serve on. We’re at the frontline of our country’s defence, highly trained and committed to working together to safeguard our interests and support our allies. At home in the elements, we make quick decisions that make a difference.

Our connections extend beyond our Service, including working with the Navy and Air Force as well as other government and non-government agencies. Yep, we’re side-by-side, in the thick of it, connecting on another level.

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Connect over new challenges

In the Army, we’re always pushing each other. You'll be working with people who’ve got your back, no matter what. Whatever your role, you'll get the best possible training and share experiences that forge unbreakable bonds. Because when you succeed, we all do.

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Explore Codewords

Our epic experiences create deep connections. See the Codewords that unlock unique stories between mates across the Navy, Army and Air Force.

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Make part-time work for you

If joining full-time is too full-on, choose a part-time role that’ll give you new experiences and mates for life.

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Real soldiers, real stories

It takes all kinds of people to make an Army. Hear first-hand from Sigourney, Kimberley and Christian about what drew them to the Service.

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