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The Royal New Zealand Air Force is a skilled, close crew whose bonds run as deep as the blue skies above. We’re made up of highly trained, adaptable teams who work with and deploy cutting-edge technologies. Together, we solve complex challenges and push each other to reach new heights.

Our connections extend beyond our Service, including working with the Navy and Army as well as other government and non-government agencies. At home or across the globe, wherever we’re soaring, we remain tight.

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Helping at home and abroad

A big part of our work involves assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters. Our teams specialise in rescue and disaster relief, working together to help people stand on their own once again. No matter the situation, keeping others safe, keeps us close.

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Our epic experiences create deep connections. See the Codewords that unlock unique stories between mates across the Navy, Army and Air Force.

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Hear first-hand from our Aviators. Find out about what drew them to the Air Force, and the many life-changing experiences they’ve had.

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