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Serving New Zealand from the skies

The Air Force is a group of highly trained, adaptable and skilled Kiwis able to work with and deploy complex, cutting-edge airborne and ground-based technologies. We're part of the New Zealand Defence Force – a Force for New Zealand – so we work closely with the Navy and Army, as well as with other government and non-government agencies to protect our country's interests at home and overseas.

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Helping people here and overseas

A big part of our work in the Air Force involves assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters. The fact that we work to protect and help people is one very good reason why we're so passionate about what we do. It gives our lives real meaning and purpose. 

Get Force Fit before you join

Getting physically prepared before you join us is easier than you might think. Force Fit is a fitness programme and app designed to get you into the right routine in just 6 weeks – and you can do it anywhere!

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Here to protect New Zealand and its people

Aircraft are the fastest method of transport available and can go where other vehicles can’t. If a road is blocked it makes no difference to us. What’s more, aircraft can carry large amounts of both people and supplies. These are just some of the reasons why our fleet can make a crucial difference in a wide range of situations, both in New Zealand and overseas.

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