Sailors' Stories

Erica's Story

The Navy has helped me to develop into more of a confident and capable person.

Erica Williams

Supply Officer

I thought, let's go big

"I was passionate about dance and thought I'd go on to do that at uni. But then I started to notice myself taking more of an interest in Navy deployments overseas. The stories were so exciting. I decided if I'm going to do this, let's go big. Let's sign up for a service that will put you on a ship, and send you out to sea."

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I love being a Supply Officer

"It's a challenging role, for sure. I move and manage supplies, hardware and people. I need to be organised, and stay on my toes and think fast. And yeah, there's a lot of travel, which is a big bonus for me."

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Whānau is really important to me

"My life outside the Navy includes my family. They've always really supported me and I like to think that I'm doing this for them, as much as for me."