How to join


Got a taste for it yet? If so, we would like to help you join. Our recruitment process is thorough because we need to ensure that we select the right people – but the end result is worth it. Having said that, you can do everything online and all the information you need is here.

Once you have applied, we will even assign one of our expert candidate co-ordinators to manage your application, and they will be there to make sure you know what to do and when.


There are not many careers that give you so much opportunity. Imagine travelling the world with your mates, working with the latest technologies, experiencing new cultures, keeping fit and being challenged at every step. That is the reality of life in the Defence Force. Whichever career you choose, you can expect:


No matter what you do with us, or which Service you join, you will earn a competitive salary plus a raft of benefits. And the more you move up through the ranks, the more your salary will rise.


Few organisations can match our commitment to developing your skills and expertise. Whether that is paying you to study, or keeping you up-to-speed with the latest technologies, you will have a huge range of options to learn and grow.


We give you the chance to visit and experience all kinds of countries and cultures. This could be as part of a training exercise, a study programme – or even an international incident. Bring your passport.


If you are into your sports and fitness, you certainly will not be short of choice. Wherever you are based in NZ, you will usually have access to gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and so on. Just take your pick. You can also play competitively, both in NZ and overseas, as part of a Defence Force team.


We also make sure you have plenty to keep you entertained if you fancy taking things at a more leisurely pace. This could be anything from playing Xbox to throwing a frisbee around on a sunny afternoon.