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Aptitude testing

Online Aptitude Testing

After submitting your application, a Candidate Engagement Facilitator (CEF) will invite you to complete your online aptitude testing. Aptitude tests are an important part of the application process and provide us with some specific information about how you might perform in a particular job. 

Once your application has been submitted and you have successfully cleared the initial vetting process, you will be provided with instructions and a link to begin your online assessments. These tests can be taken at home in your own time and you will have seven days to complete them.

Preparing for Online Aptitude Testing


Preparation is key so make sure you are well rested and careful with your answers. You will be tested on numerical ability, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and mechanical comprehension. It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete two online aptitude tests.

To best prepare for online testing there are a few things you may want to practice to prepare yourself before the test.

Numerical Ability

  • Practice converting real life situations into equations on paper. Identify the variables within an issue and solve the problem by hand. Afterwards check over with a calculator. Learn how to use the intermediate and advanced functions on a calculator and the mathematical functions available on spreadsheet software.
  • Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percentages and the different ways in which ratios can be expressed. Understand the different ways in which data can be presented and how to interpret charts and graphs.

Deductive reasoning

  • When debating with a friend or colleague, discuss why they came to their conclusions. Identify and challenge any assumptions. Conclusions should follow from available evidence. If evidence is unavailable, determine what further evidence is required or how conclusion could be adjusted.
  • If a solution to a problem fails, reflect on the problem solving process to see if steps were left out, information was missing or the logic was flawed.

Inductive reasoning

  • Practice developing a few well thought out solutions to problems at home or work, even if solutions already exist. Don't always go with your first decision, force yourself to think of other alternatives before proceeding.
  • Before making any decision stop and think if you have everything you need to make a logical, rather than intuitive one.
  • Complete timed problem solving puzzles in newspapers or puzzle books.

Mechanical comprehension

  • Understand the relationship between basic moving mechanical components and how they interact with each other.
  • Think of the ways in which you overcome everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects and understand why certain techniques are safer and less exhaustive than others.

Depending on the role applied for, you may also be required to sit additional testing, such as:

Aviation Reasoning - two additional tests for RNZAF and RNZN Air Crew applicants:

  • Flight Mathematics - assesses your ability to work out speed, distance, flight time and fuel consumption calculations.
  • Aircraft Instrumentation Comprehension - assesses your ability to work out how the aircraft is orientated or travels through the air.

Additional testing for Air Crew candidates will take place on the Assessment Day, alongside the physical fitness tests.

Practice Test Answers - Aviation Reasoning



There is a limit to the number of times you can attempt the aptitude testing. If you fail on your first attempt you will have to wait 6 months before sitting the test again.

This stand-down period allows you time to personally upskill on the areas that you are weak at. After 6 months, you will then be invited to re-sit. If you are focusing on academic study to upskill your knowledge, talk to your Candidate Engagement Facilitator to see what is best for you.

This second attempt is your final opportunity to pass the assessment. If you do not pass, we will be unable to proceed with your application. Take the time to upskill yourself in the areas that you are weak in.


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