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When re-enlisting, will you consider the extra skills and/or qualifications I have gained since leaving the NZDF?

If your new skills or qualifications are relevant to your trade then this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does the NZDF have a superannuation scheme and will I be eligible to join?

The NZDF no longer has it's own superannuation scheme, but instead offers recruits the option to join Kiwisaver. The NZDF pays an employer contribution of 3% on top of your own 4% contribution.

I'm applying from overseas. How long does the immigration process take?

Once you have submitted your application, NZ Immigration will assign you a Case Officer and the process may take up to six months. This will be highly dependent on your ability to produce all of the documentation required by NZ Immigration in a timely and organised manner. Please ensure you fully read the information on NZ Immigration’s website, www.immigration.govt.nz, before commencing the process.

Do women have to pass the same fitness tests as men?

No, there are different fitness standards for men and woman.  Fitness standards are based on what is scientifically considered to be an equal level of effort for each gender.

Navy fitness requirements can be found here.

Army fitness requirements can be found here.

Air Force fitness requirements can be found here.

I'm applying from overseas. How do I find a school in NZ for my children?

Most NZ students attend state funded schools. If a state funded school is at risk of overcrowding, it can set a ‘home zone’ that is geographically defined. Students living in this zone have the right to go to that school. Full information on the NZ school system can be found at minedu.govt.nz.

What is a Candidate Engagement Facilitator (CEF)?

A Candidate Engagement Facilitator (CEF) is a civilian member of the NZDF who works alongside military recruiting personnel. They will keep you updated on the status of your application and they will ask you to complete certain tasks at different points in the process. If you have any questions about your application, your CEF is the best person to contact.

Do women have equal opportunities to access courses and gain promotions?

Yes. Access to courses and promotion are based on performance and course availability and do not prejudice any gender. There are multiple women in senior staff/leadership roles.

I'm applying from overseas. Will the move to NZ date be negotiated or advised?

Enlistment dates will be agreed once an OOS is made and we have a clearer idea of the time frame (e.g NZ Residence class visa, release etc).

Please be aware you are expected to enlist within 18 months from the time you submit your application to NZDF and that that you are required to give us as much information as possible about when you will be able to join.

I have applied previously but then decided to put my application on hold. Do I need to re-apply?

No you do not need to re-apply. We will re-activate your existing application to continue from where it was left. Please contact your Candidate Engagement Facilitator to re-open your application.  if you can't remember who this was, please phone 0800 1 FORCE.

How long does the police check take?

It can take up to 30 days. If you have lived overseas for longer than six months, you will need to provide a Police check from that country. Your Candidate Engagement Facilitator can give you some guidance on how to do this.

If you are re-enlisting and have lived overseas for longer than six months since leaving the NZDF, you will need to provide a police check from that country.

If you are from overseas, you will need to provide a police check for any country that you have lived in.

When re-enlisting, how long will it take to hear back once I have applied?

Once your application has been received it will be allocated to one of the re-enlistment Candidate Engagement Facilitators who will send you an email within 24 working hours with the next steps.

What percentage of the NZDF are female?

As of December 2018:

  • Navy = 22.4%
  • Air Force = 18.3%
  • Army = 13.2%

Recent and upcoming intakes have a higher percentage of women than above, which is steadily increasing the overall percentage of women in the NZDF each year.

What ranks and trades are you currently accepting re-enlistment applications for?

We accept re-enlistment applications for all ranks and trades, although the available positions vary. Please contact 0800 1 FORCE (0800 136 723) to discuss.

I'm applying from overseas. Am I bound by the conditions set in my Offer of Service?

Yes. The Offer of Service will state what NZDF courses you will be required to do upon arrival in New Zealand, and what rank and seniority you will hold in the NZDF. It is not possible to renegotiate these conditions after you arrive in New Zealand.

I'm applying from overseas. Can the Offer of Service change?

An Offer of Service (OOS) from the NZDF is an indication that we wish to employ you and that we would like to employ you as soon as possible. The OOS will contain information such as your new branch, trade, rank, seniority, unit, appointment, salary, engagement timeframe, annual leave scale and any courses required. The OOS is subject to you gaining the required medical and security clearances and on gaining a NZ Residence class visa. In rare circumstances the OOS may change. Please be aware that the NZDF reserves the right to alter your actual posting due to operational or administrative purposes. We may have to alter the OOS if you are unable to commence employment within the required timeframe agreed in your OOS.

Will I be offered an extension of service after I complete my initial engagement?

This is dependent on a number of factors including the NZDF's need of your trade, and your performance during your time served. Most service personnel receive extensions of service after completing their initial engagement.

If you were an overseas applicant, your extension will also be dependent on gaining NZ citizenship. You should find out if your service will be extended 12 months before completing your initial engagement.



I'm applying from overseas. Should I bring all of my furniture with me?

This is a personal choice. We strongly recommend that you do your own research including a comparison of the cost of purchasing furniture in NZ against the cost of transporting your furniture from overseas.

I've served with an overseas military. Will my previous military performance appraisal documents be used in assessment for promotion in NZDF?

No. You will be assessed for promotion upon your performance and reporting in the NZDF.

I'm applying from overseas. Do I need to provide copies of my qualifications obtained during my military courses?

Yes. The career managers will assess these qualifications and decide which ones will be recognised by the NZDF. If you are successfully enlisted into the NZDF, these courses will be added to your NZDF profile. Please note that some NZ courses differ to ones you have taken at home and you must be prepared to complete these. This will be stated to you in your Offer of Service.

What level of education do I need to apply?

The minimum entry requirement for the NZDF is at least 10 credits at NCEA Level 1 in both English and Mathematics. However, some trades require a higher level of education. The minimum criteria for each trade can be found on the trade pages on this website.

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