Supply Officer

The Logistics Branch is one of the principal components of the RNZAF. There is a diverse range of duties including operational logistics planning and support, supply chain and contract management, air movements and freight distribution, and distribution of aviation fuel. As a Logistics Officer you will involved in all levels of problem-solving and leading teams of personnel. You will be working with sophisticated accounting and inventory management systems equivalent to any in modern business. In addition to supporting aircraft operations both here and overseas, you will work very closely with counterparts within the NZ Army and Navy, planning and delivering support to a broad range of New Zealand Defence Force operations world-wide.

The Air Force makes extensive use of commercial partnerships with external industry. Therefore, contracting and contract management are important aspects of your role.

As an Officer, you’ll also be expected to undertake the full range of duties associated with military service.

Careers in the Air Force are well-rewarded, as well as being diverse and exciting. As you become more experienced and move up through the ranks, gaining additional skills and qualifications, you will see your salary rise accordingly.

While undertaking initial Recruit Course you will be paid as a Recruit (see attached pay table). On completion of your Recruit Course you will be paid as a Pilot Officer and your pay will continue to increase as your career progresses.

  • You must be 17 years or older
  • Meet the citizenship & security requirements to gain SV security clearance for this trade.

A Bachelors degree in Commerce, Business, Logistics or Supply Chain Management.

Commerce, Business, Logistics or Supply Chain graduates and final year students for the same degrees are eligible for the GISS.  In addition to your normal salary, you will receive an annual payment spread over three years, that amount to be determined in an Offer of Service.  There is no minimum time to serve or return of service incurred.

The minimum educational requirement to apply for GISS is a Bachelor in Commerce, Business, Logistics or Supply Chain or currently completing the final year for any of these.  The GISS will be awareded to qualifying Direct Entry applicants on a competitive basis.

Note: The GISS may not be offered every year, please enquire with your Recruiter.

RUS is available to Undergraduate and Year 13 students of a relevant tertiary qualification for this officer career, which is a Bachelor's degree in commerce, business, logistics or supply chain management. The Air Force will fund your tertiary studies and provide an annual living allowance on a 'year for a year' return of service basis.

The minimum educational requirements to apply for RUS is University Entrance with 90 credits in NCEA Level 3, and a minimum of 18 credits in English and Mathematics at Level 2.  Merit/Excellence preferred.  Consideration given to Year 12 students with NCEA Level 2 and good results to date at Level 3.  Successful applicants must study or continue studying in one of the qualifications required for Supply Officer recruitment. 

  • You must be medically fit for service.
  • Colour perception restrictions may apply.

Upon successful enlistment into the Air Force you’ll be posted to RNZAF Woodbourne base to complete the Joint Officer Induction Course (JOIC) – a seven-week, full-time course.

 All NZ Defence Force (NZDF) Officer Cadets are required to complete this course which is designed to introduce the basic individual military skills required to continue on to your respective service Officer training courses. The course is designed to give you a basic level of military skills including field-craft, weapon handling, navigation, drill, battle-craft, communications and an introduction to leadership.   It is during JOIC that you will be introduced to the standards and discipline demanded of all members of the NZ Defence Force and the ethos and values required to be an Officer in the NZDF.

Upon successful completion of the JOIC, you will remain at Woodbourne but be posted to the Initial Officer Training Course to commence the 22 week course starting in either January or July. Here you’ll find out if you’ve got what it takes to be in the Air Force, and will cover various subjects including:

  •     RNZAF Customs and Protocol
  •     Drill and Parades
  •     Military Law
  •     Military Field Skills and Weapons Training
  •     Defence and Strategic Studies
  •     Personnel Administration
  •     Communication Skills
  •     Command, Leadership and Management
  •     First Aid


In order to ensure you are equipped to undertake the varied role of a Supply Officer in the RNZAF, specialist training will be a regular feature of your career. Training is provided through a variety of ways, including residential courses, experiential on-the job training, courses with other Armed Forces, and post graduate training at university.

Initially, you will build on your current business related degree and complete the Junior Supply Officers Course, after successful completion of your Initial Officer Training Course. This course will prepare you for your responsibilities as a junior Supply officer and is conducted at RNZAF Base Woodbourne. The course is two months long, and the content includes logistics and supply fundamentals such as airworthiness controls, aeronautical supply, inventory management, procurement, material handling, and will provide you with a good understanding of our organisation.

Other specialist courses will prepare you for roles such as leading an Air movements section – the preparation and management of moving people and equipment by military aircraft, leading an Aviation Refuelling section or leading a Supply Chain.


Supply officers also have the opportunity to undertake postgraduate training, returning to university fulltime for a year. Some will be selected to complete a Masters. This is designed to give you a wealth of knowledge on logistics and procurement matters and expand on your professional knowledge.

Throughout your career you will undertake a wide variety of military logistics supply chain management, contracting and procurement to ensure you remain thoroughly prepared to undertake the various opportunities and challenges that will come your way.


As part of your professional development, the Air Force actively encourages you to be a member of a professional body such as the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, or the Institute for Supply Management, paying for membership fees and participation in professional body education programmes.


As well as the courses listed above, you will also be required to complete a series of three short courses which continue your training in command, leadership and management. All officers are required to complete these courses covering service writing, staff skills and professional military education before being eligible for promotion beyond Flight Lieutenant.

There are also two advanced training courses at the New Zealand Defence Force Command and Staff College at Trentham Military Camp (Wellington). Both courses comprise a mixture of visiting lecturers, tutored discussion groups, visits and individual study to give you the skills you need to progress your career.