Engineering & Technical Trades


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Engineering Officer

Engineering Officers are responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and through-life support of our aircraft. It’s a dynamic job that requires problem solving, strong leadership and an eye for detail.


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Aeronautical Metal Worker

This career is ideal if you like getting your hands dirty as well as using your head to solve technical problems. As a vital part of our ground crew, you’ll be trained to manufacture and repair a variety of equipment, using various metals and alloys.

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Aircraft Technician

Do you think you could strip down an aircraft and rebuild it? With this job you’ll find out how – servicing, overhauling and maintaining all our aircraft systems and components.

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Armament Technician

From guided missiles to explosives, this is your opportunity to understand and maintain some of the world’s most awesome weapons systems.

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Electronics Technician (Aviation)

Travel the world and work on our expanding fleet of aircraft, learning how to maintain and repair the complex electronics systems that keep them flying.

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GSE Technician

Good with your hands and have an interest in motor vehicles? As a GSE Technician, you’ll have a hands-on role in maintaining a wide range of specialist vehicles and equipment.

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If you’re keen on a hands-on technical career and love aircraft, this is definitely the job for you. As a Machinist in the Air Force, you’ll be responsible for the manufacture and repair of aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment, using a range of complex and technically advanced machines and tools.

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Safety & Surface Technician

As a Safety & Surface Technician you will be responsible for keeping our aircraft and equipment in peak operational condition.