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Our purpose

We stand up for what’s right

Together we protect New Zealand’s interests at sea, safeguard peace and stability within our neighbouring regions and further afield, and help others in times of need with agile air operations across the world.

This could mean fighting alongside our allies in a combat zone, helping safeguard peace and stability in a war-torn country, or going in after a natural disaster and helping save lives and rebuild communities. Or it could see us doing search and rescue, or boarding a suspected pirate ship. It’s impossible to detail everything we do because it’s so varied. That’s why it’s so rewarding.

To achieve this, we need to be ready for anything, and to be able to react quickly and efficiently. This requires millions of dollars worth of complex technology and equipment. And it needs a huge amount of teamwork, with everyone knowing exactly where they fit in.

Whatever we do, our people are always our priority. To keep them in peak mental and physical condition, our training and facilities are amongst the best in the world.

Helping communities and supporting international operations


Working with us

Whether you are waking up on an Army base in New Zealand, on a Navy warship somewhere near Antarctica, or in South Korea as part of an Air Force deployment, each day in the Defence Force could bring something new and exciting.

We are committed to helping you enjoy a diverse and rewarding career. Much of this job satisfaction will come from the things you do and the people you work with. Colleagues become mates. Potential turns into achievement. Qualifications are gained and experiences savoured. Put it this way – if someone asks you what you did today, you will always have a good answer.

We make sure you are supported all the way with training and resources. There are sporting facilities throughout the Defence Force – even when you are away from home – so you can enjoy staying in peak physical condition. Everyone needs rest and relaxation too, so you will find plenty to keep you entertained when it is time to put your feet up.

Why join?

Travel and Deployment

Family and friends

Equipment and technology

Sports and fitness

Bring your passport because you'll need it. Wherever you serve in the Defence Force, our role is truly international. From supporting the United Nations with personnel and resources, to standing shoulder to shoulder with our military allies, we go where the work takes us – and it takes us to many interesting and exotic places, from Antarctica to Egypt.

There'll still be plenty of opportunities to see your family and friends, as you'll be based in New Zealand for a lot of the time too. But you need to be ready to go overseas, sometimes for long periods. And don’t worry, because we'll make sure you have the means with which to keep in touch.

In the Defence Force, you will get to grips with some of the most advanced technologies in the world. From $600m warships brimming with complex weapon systems to the fastest communication infrastructures in the country, you get to experience technology that simply isn’t seen in the civilian world. And whether you’re operating in the freezing Antarctic, a scorching desert or a humid tropical jungle, you'll be equipped with the cutting-edge tools, weapons, equipment and clothing you need to excel.

Whichever service you choose, you'll find sport is always high on the agenda. There are a number of reasons for this. For one, it's fun. Secondly, it keeps us fit and that's a really important part of the job. Fast and strong is good when it's your job to protect the country. 

We do need great individuals, but the ability to create something bigger and better through teamwork is ultimately what defines us. Team games can help us build the skills we need to work together.

So don't be surprised to find lots of opportunities to indulge your passion, whether that's kicking a ball through the posts, sticking one in the back of the net, or dunking one through the hoop. On all our bases you'll find pitches and posts, courts and courses. In addition to all the big crowd-pleasers (rugby, football, basketball, netball, cricket, etc), there are quite a few specialist sports, too.

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