Travel & Deployments

Throughout history, the Navy has been synonymous with travel and exploration. The basics remain the same for today’s modern Navy, but the technology is better and the weaponry more advanced. We’re ready to deploy anywhere our country needs us.

We spend a lot of time patrolling the waters around New Zealand. But, the Navy regularly deploys further afield to Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and sometimes other parts of the world. This gives you opportunities to experience different places, countries and cultures as part of our responsibility for defence and diplomacy.  

Our expertise is required on a wide variety of missions, working alongside our colleagues in the Army and Air Force as well as on solo Navy missions. For example, you might find yourself:

  • On combat operations in the Gulf Region
  • In the Middle East, supporting peacekeeping initiatives between Israel and Palestine
  • Helping reconstruction projects in Malaysia
  • Working with our British and US allies in Afghanistan

That’s just a small sample of what we do.

When you are away from home, downtime could be spent playing sport, chilling out with a book, watching a film or playing an Xbox game. You may also be given time to go and explore the places we visit.

Check out where we are and what we are doing.