Equipment & Technology

Most of the technology we use can be found on our ships and helicopters. We have 9 ships, they are designed to perform the different missions that we’re tasked with, such as combat, patrol, diving support and hydrographic surveys.

In a combat scenario, we have a wide variety of equipment to draw upon. It ranges from weapons systems such as guns, missiles and depth charges to the electronic tracking equipment we use to identify, monitor and listen to other vessels at sea.

The engine rooms on our ships can propel us at speed over vast distances. They also help supply the ship by turning dirty seawater into fresh drinking water.

We also have extensive hydrographic equipment. We use this to measure and analyse features of the sea, such as currents, waves and what’s happening on the ocean floor. When you’re working on the sea, understanding every aspect of it is essential. 


  • Navy fleet in the cook strait

    Ten ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy perform manoeuvres in the Cook Strait before sailing into Wellington Harbour.

  • Navy inshore patrol vessel

    Come along for a tour of HMNZS TAUPO and find out about the role of the Inshore Patrol Vessel in the Navy.