Navy University Study

The Navy offers three types of tertiary study scheme for those who are either already studying to complete a degree or who wish to study towards completion of a degree which the Navy deems relevant to the their chosen naval career path. 

Prior to commencing any one of the three schemes selected participants will be required to apply and complete academic testing, fitness testing and conduct a number of interview sessions to determine if they are suitable to become a Naval Officer. 

Each of the three schemes has a specific employment focus and offers varying degrees of financial support as follows:


Officers join the Navy as a Midshipman and complete the normal training requirements along with their peers.  Confirmation that they are to commence sponsored tertiary study is advised on completion of this initial training which is conducted over the first five months of naval service. 

In the normal course of events an officer will commence their tertiary study at the beginning of the following year, that is year 2 in the Navy.   The normal time frame allocated for tertiary studies permits the completion of a Bachelor degree.  In other words Midshipman Scheme members will attend University full time and be paid a salary to do so.

Generally a Return of Service (ROS) is required - one calendar year for each academic year the RNZN sponsors the recruit through university


This scheme is predicated on being accepted into the scheme and on completion of a degree joining the Navy.  Entry into the Amokura Scheme remains conditional upon the gaining entrance into or continuing an appropriate degree course of study at University. 

After an Amokura Scheme member successfully completes the requirements to gain a degree and has provided documented evidence of their academic results they enter the RNZN and commence their naval service.

An Amokura Scheme member receives no financial support from the RNZN while they are studying at university.  After entry into the RNZN an Amokura Scheme member is however reimbursed the cost of the course fees they incurred in gaining their degree up to a prescribed maximum, subject to them providing documented evidence to the RNZN that they did indeed pay these fees. 


While selected for regular force service in the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) a Chatham Scheme member initially serves in the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNZNVR), which is a non-regular force component of the New Zealand Naval Forces, while he or she is completing university studies.  They subsequently transfer to the RNZN and begin their full-time naval career once they have fulfilled the requirements to gain a university degree. 

A Chatham Scheme member is entitled to a regime of financial assistance (fees, accommodation & living allowance, textbook costs) in support of their tertiary studies and a Return of Service is usually applied by one year for each academic year of sponsored study.

*A full disclosure of the terms and conditions of the schemes can be provided on application.