Navy On the job training

When you train as a Sailor or Officer, you will learn to tackle the unexpected. This is a skill that you will take with you far beyond your career in the Navy.

Your training will begin with a Common Training Course where you will be introduced to the basics of Naval training, taking you from a civilian to a competent and self-disciplined member of our crew.


If you are training as a Sailor, you will then move into learning your chosen trade – some of which will see you gain industry-recognised qualifications.


As an Officer, you will also begin your specialist training – however, some of these roles may require you to first complete a level of tertiary education before you begin. There are several scholarship options available which could assist you in achieving this.

Check out the available scholarships here.


The ongoing development of Navy personnel is also very important to us – we are always looking at ways to help you improve in skills that will be beneficial to both you and the Navy. The majority of these will be focused on the Navy but there are also opportunities to apply for grants for other educational courses through the Voluntary Study Assistance Scheme.