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The Royal New Zealand Navy is responsible for the maritime defence of New Zealand and it’s interests. This includes protecting the coastline and the economic resources of our oceans, and maintaining peace, security and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region.

It’s a complex task. So we need to operate and maintain a range of ships, craft, teams and other hardware. Presently, this includes frigates, Seasprite helicopters, a hydrographic and oceanographic research ship, a diving team and support ship, a fleet tanker, an amphibious sealift ship and a range of patrol vessels. With all this, we can patrol both in-shore and offshore waters – all the way down to the Antarctic ice shelf!

Going to sea is an exciting experience. And you’ll enjoy sharing the sense of ship’s pride with your crewmates. A ship is just cold steel without you. With you, it’s a fast, modern and complex piece of technology that’s ready for anything.

How much time you actually spend at sea depends on your role. But one thing’s for sure. Being part of the Navy gives you an incredible sense of camaraderie, whether you’re on operations in the Gulf, patrolling in the South Pacific or peacekeeping on the other side of the world. And it opens up opportunities to travel in a way people in civilian life will never experience.


Have you ever woken up to find that your home has moved 200 miles overnight?

Welcome to the Navy. Whilst we’re not always at sea, at any one time a third of our personnel are onboard.

See what we are all about in this video and see some of the sailors already in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Whatever the mission, you’ll find there’s a real tight-knit camaraderie when you’re at sea. You will be intensely proud of your ship and the way that everyone works to keep it operating smoothly. Each ship has its own defined role, from a $600m warship operating in a multi-national combat operation to smaller vessels patrolling and surveying the waters off our coast. 

The ship is your home at sea, so it has everything you need to be comfortable. There are areas to chill out and put your feet up, work out or play video games.

When we’re not at sea, you’ll find us at HMNZS Philomel in Devonport. Just like when we’re onboard, this is the place where we live, work and play together. Here you’ll find facilities that we can’t always squeeze onto our ships, such as swimming pools, a library and shops. And with Auckland on your doorstep, there are all the big city attractions within easy reach too.