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The Royal New Zealand Navy is a close crew whose bonds run as deep as our oceans. Together, we defend and protect Aotearoa’s waters, as well as carrying out aid, rescue and support missions across the globe. We’re loyal and highly specialised people who share epic experiences that create unbreakable bonds. Our connections extend beyond our Service, including working with the Army and Air Force as well as other government and non-government agencies. Voyaging the seas and travelling the world, we make mates and share stories that stay with us.

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A career in the Navy is like nothing else. You’ll be part of a tight team, protecting what matters to you. Your family, friends, the environment and your country. And when you venture across the oceans, you and your crew are proudly representing  New Zealand wherever you go. The best part? You’re doing it with mates who feel like family.

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Explore Codewords

Our epic experiences create deep connections. See the Codewords that unlock unique stories between mates across the Navy, Army and Air Force.

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Make part-time work for you

If joining full-time is too full-on, choose a part-time role that’ll give you new experiences and mates for life.

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Real sailors, real stories

Hear first-hand from Erica and Brock. Find out about what drew them to the Navy, and the many life-changing experiences they’ve had.

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