Work Life Balance

We know that achieving a balance between your career and your personal life is very important. Everything is in place in the Defence Force for you to achieve this balance.

Of course, when we are called upon to respond to emergency situations, or we are on an overseas mission, normal working hours may not always be possible. But generally speaking, you will work similar hours to your civilian counterparts.


Downtime can be spent however you wish. You might want to socialise on base with mates, read a book, watch a film, play a game or get stuck into your favourite sport. We give you the opportunity to play almost any sport you can think of. The same goes for hobbies. You might just want to get away from the camp or base and see the folks back home, or into one of the big cities for a night out.


There is also an annual holiday allowance, and if you start a family, there is additional leave available to allow you to get to grips with becoming a parent. This is an important time in your life and we recognise that. Just because you are in the Defence Force does not mean you can’t enjoy family life like everyone else. 

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