Training & Qualifications

Training is how you learn the skills you need to do your job. It’s how we learn to work together as a team and ensure that we are ready for anything. It’s an innate part of every single Defence Force career.


Your first experience of training will be when you join. This is often called basic training, and introduces you to Defence Force life. It’s a time when you can:

  • Get to know your new comrades.
  • To get even fitter than you are already.
  • Understand what we do and how we work.
  • Learn the specialist skills that you’ll bring to the team.

But that’s far from being the end of your training. Technology changes quickly. And as this plays such a central role in the Defence Force, we’ll make sure you quickly get to grips with the latest weapons and equipment too.

Learning additional skills can also help your rise up through the ranks, so training can help you acquire more responsibility and get paid more. Some of the time you may find yourself learning new skills individually. Other times it will be as part of a team.

If you are an Officer, or you progress through the ranks to become an officer, this requires ongoing training. Whilst leadership skills often come naturally, they also need to be learned, practised and developed.


The educational opportunities in the Defence Force are hard to beat. And the qualifications you earn will be yours for life, helping you get on whether you stay in the Defence Force or not. We offer University scholarships to select people who know they want to join us after graduation – this is a great way of avoiding the burden of a student loan. We can help pay your fees and give you a living allowance. You pay us back by joining as a highly trained and committed member of the team. There are opportunities to go to the UK and Australia on educational programmes. And at any time during your career, if you are keen to pursue an educational course that will benefit your Defence role career, we’ll be right behind you.

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