Salary & Working Conditions

You’ll find an NZDF career rewarding on many levels.


Salaries are competitive and rise in line with your rank and qualifications. On top of that are benefits such as annual leave, subsidised food and accommodation, free medical and dental care and superannuation schemes to help you save for the future. Follow the links to find specific salary details for NavyArmy and Air Force. For information on Defence Superannuation and Insurance schemes click to download the PDF.


Education and training are also a big part of any NZDF career. There may be funded opportunities to pursue professional and academic qualifications that will be yours for life. There is also regular training to hone your skills and keep you up-to-date with the latest technology. Find out more about training and qualifications.


Of course working conditions vary depending on where you are and what you’re doing. This is not a typical career. Being stationed on a base in New Zealand isn’t going to be the same as, for example, bunking down on a warship in the Atlantic Ocean. But even in the toughest conditions, you’ll still find yourself surrounded by resources and facilities to make life as comfortable as possible.


Research proves that a good work/life balance makes you happier and healthier, so we have opportunities for rest and relaxation. Find out more about work-life balance here.