Making A Difference

The primary role of the New Zealand Defence Force is to protect New Zealand from security threats. We also work with our allies to contribute to global defence. In the course of undertaking our roles, we have the opportunity to support emergency services both in New Zealand and overseas. This may include helping those suffering hardship as a result of war or a natural disaster or working with search and rescue teams to find someone who needs help. If you want to make a positive difference to the world, you will find many opportunities to do it in the Defence Force.


Bring your passport because you will need it, wherever you serve in the Defence Force. Our role is truly international. From supporting the United Nations with personnel and resources to standing shoulder to shoulder with our military allies, we go where the work takes us – and it takes us to many interesting and exotic places, from Antarctica to Egypt.

There will still be plenty of opportunities to see your family and friends, as you will be based in New Zealand for a lot of the time too. But you need to be ready to go overseas, sometimes for long periods. And don’t worry, because we will make sure you have the means with which to keep in touch.

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