Different Ways To Join


Officers are leaders, managers and strategists. Their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities enable them to plan and execute tasks in a wide variety of scenarios. It is their job to earn trust and respect from the personnel under their charge and display the strength of character to inspire. If you are a graduate, or plan on being one, ask about a career as an officer in the New Zealand Defence Force.


Being a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Airwoman is all about being part of a team. Whether you are working on land, on sea or in the air, you will be an expert in your field, providing the hands-on skills that makes us such a diverse, exciting and capable organisation. Whatever your trade, you will enjoy a diverse career that enables you to fulfil your potential in unique situations.


The Regular Force within the Navy, Army and Air Force are the full-time components of the Defence Force. Normally, you will work the same hours as in a civilian career, except when you’re deployed on missions.

There is also another option open to you. All three services maintain a Reserve Force. This is an opportunity to play your part, learn trades and experience life in the Defence Force, but on a part-time basis. This means you can experience the best of both worlds and combine a civilian career with Defence Force experience.