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Parents and caregivers

Supporting our troops

Parents and caregivers are an important part of the equation when someone is deciding whether to join the Defence Force.

Their support is crucial, and no matter what stage of life their child is at – from late teens to early thirties – what they say and think matters.

Before any parent or caregiver offers their advice about whether to join, it's a good idea for them to have the information they need. 

This website is a comprehensive resource that gives information on all of the roles currently available. It also provides a birds-eye view of what life is like in Defence Force, what the many benefits are, and what life is like serving your country.

Our advice to any parent or caregiver is to look carefully through this website with their loved-one, so that they have a complete and thorough perspective of what the modern Defence force has to offer their child.

This will help them make an informed decision when they are discussing their child joining the team.

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