Equipment & Technology

An Army is always among the first to get its hands on the latest technologies. The New Zealand Army is no different. As you would expect, much of the technology at our disposal is designed to help us excel in combat situations.


Some of the weaponry you might get to grips with includes The Steyr Rifle, which has both automatic and semi-automatic capability and is fitted with an optical x 1.5 magnification sight. The Minimi C9 Light Machine gun is a fully automatic, air-cooled, gas-operated weapon. The Javelin anti-armour system can take out an enemy tank from 2.5km away.


The New Zealand Light Armoured Vehicle, or LAV as we call it, is a massive leap forward for capabilities. It provides troops on the battlefield with extra mobility and protection and can play a key role in our missions. We also have inflatable craft for sea-borne expeditions and high mobility excavators for clearing debris and construction projects.

Add to this other specialist equipment, such as laser-targeting binoculars, and you can appreciate why being in the Army means being at the forefront of technological developments. 


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