University study

You will be hard pressed to find another organisation that can match the Army’s support for career development and further education.

The Army has some limited graduate schemes for Officer entrants – but we now mainly focus on getting you into the service before we commit to tertiary scholarships.

If you are already a graduate when you join us, then you may want to pursue post-graduate studies too. This is also something we can help with, giving you time off and financial support. In particular for Officers, we are looking for people who are graduates or part way through their degree. Once you have undertaken your initial training and have spent some time in a unit getting skills and experience – that is when we start looking at providing you with further educational opportunities. There are lots of options that we can individually tailor to meet both the Army and your needs. We will make sure our career managers keep you up-to-date.

Some people discover a passion for education further down the line. Often, this is because specialist qualifications are required for their chosen trade. Qualifications can also be a good way of achieving promotions. Either way, in the Army you will always have the opportunity to study – even if that means leaving your day job for a time. 

If you are thinking about a career in the Army and want to combine it with your studies, ask about how we can help. 


This scheme consists of two levels of scholarship incorporating both extra-mural and full or part time study options, with selection for engagement with the scheme based on meritorious process of recommendation through the chain of command.

Level 1 Scholarship (Extramural)

The academic equivalent of the first and second year of an approved course of study completed through extramural study. Level 1 scholarship will not attract a return of service obligation, dependent on individual circumstances. Some military courses completed during this period may earn academic credits which can be cross-credited to a tertiary course of study. Current information pertaining to these academic credits is available through the Defence Learning Centre.

Level 2 Scholarship (Full or part-time)

The academic equivalent of the third year of an approved course of study completed through paid full or part-time study. This involves an academic year of full or part-time study in order to complete the course of study which has been partially completed under level 1 of the Scheme, with longer applications considered on a case by case basis. This level will attract a return of service obligation.


The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Scheme is available for NZ Army Officers only. This requires you to study at the University College of the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia. Whilst at ADFA you will conduct your degree within a military environment including undertaking military training during the university holidays. Spaces are limited and selection is competitive. You will be required to study a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) majoring in Mechanical or Civil Engineering. This Scheme would be suitable to High School leavers who are about to engage in University Studies. On completion of your BE qualification you will be required to give a return of service (this is on a year for year basis from the date you graduate).

The entry for ADFA is 100 NCEA Level 3 Credits with 45 either merit or excellence.

The candidate must have studied NCEA Level 3 or equivalent of English, Mathematics, and Physics. Chemistry is desirable, but not essential.