On the job training

Throughout your career as a Soldier or an Officer, you will receive skills and expertise that will be integral to you both in and outside of Army life.


Starting with individual training, you’ll gain expertise in your selected trade or professional role, as well as the basic skills you will need in combat situations. You’ll then move onto collective training – teamwork is a hugely important factor in all Army operations, so you will need to put your skills into practice as part of a team, combining your expertise together to become an operationally prepared unit.

The last step in your initial training will then focus on sharpening your skills as a leader. All Army personnel are called to display leadership in their job, whether it’s taking charge of your team, displaying courage under pressure, or even responding to moral or ethical challenges – this will bring out the best in you, helping you to harness your full potential as a leader in both your job and in your daily life.


During your first couple of years in the Army, the training is almost non-stop. After that you will always be learning something on the job, whether individually or collectively.  We will give you opportunities to train further throughout your career, including the chance to participate in a voluntary tertiary education programme available through the Military Studies Institute. You can even apply to have your tertiary education fully funded – see how you can do this here.