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Army Officer

You are a leader in the Army; you are tasked with planning and executing Operations in difficult situations. Take command of soldiers, equip yourself to lead and inspire others to bring out the best in themselves.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Field Psychologist

Develop your psychology expertise in unique situations, providing advice at all levels of our fascinating organisation.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Learning Development Officer

Take your education skills to new places, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Legal Advisor

Not many legal specialists get trained to lead teams of people in all kinds of situations, handle weapons and develop problem-solving, adventure and outdoor skills.


Emergency Responder

Keeping personnel and equipment safe, you will be trained to assess, control and extinguish fires whilst providing aid at crash sites.

Military police
Military Police

A Military Police person (MP) is a highly trained specialist that provides police expertise to the Defence Force community or in combat environments.