Intelligence, IT & Communications


Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Communications System Operator

Unrivalled training in operating and maintaining sophisticated communications systems to keep the Army's command and control systems up and running.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Electronic Warfare Operator

As an Electronic Warfare Operator you will find yourself working with an extensive range of communications technologies, employing leading edge systems and procedures.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Information Systems Operator

With excellent training in the operation of sophisticated computer systems, this is an IT job unlike any in the civilian world.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Intelligence Operator

Help the Army outsmart the enemy, safeguard Army secrets and give commanders the information they need to make the right decisions.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Operational Support & Information Specialist

As an Operational Support and Information Specialist (OPSIS) in the NZ Army, you will be responsible for the effective management of information through the creation and management of web based technologies as part of wider operational and tactical communications solutions.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Systems Engineer

As a Systems Engineer your role is to provide technical engineering support to the NZ Army's Communication Information Systems fleet.