There is no other trade like that of an Armoured combat specialist. You will be trained to operate and fight from within an armoured vehicle and trained in mounted reconnaissance.


Working closely with elements from the NZSAS, you will provide the Counter Terrorist capability for the NZ Defence Force.

explosive ordnance disposal operator 200x100
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator

As an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator, you are our Defence Force’s technical specialists in neutralising all types of explosive hazards and threats. This means you will be extensively trained and equipped to detect, identify, render safe and dispose of munitions and explosives – such as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), and Improvised Explosive Devic...

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In the heart of the action, you will provide the indirect fire support for the NZ Army as part of a team operating the 105mm light gun.

Reserve Armoured Combat Specialist (Crewman)
Infantry (Rifleman)

A front-line soldier and the backbone of the Army service. You will be trained in the use of specialist weapons that are capable of engaging a wide range of selective targets.


Operational experience, professionalism and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence will be your hallmarks as an elite NZSAS soldier.