University Study

The following study schemes are available for Air Force Engineering Officers. If you are passionate about engineering and show potential to become an Engineering Officer, we can help get you off to a flying start.  We also have scholarships for graduates and final year students to help pay back your student loan retrospectively. If you want to start your engineering career without the burden of a student loan, get in touch and ask us for more information.


GIS is available to graduates or students in their final year of a BE(Hons) or BEngTech. The intent of the scheme is to reimburse the cost your studies in annual payments over four years of service. So you will receive, in addition to your salary, a total of $40,000 over four years ($30,000 over three years for BEngTech). There is no return of service with this scheme. The GIS will be awarded to selected Direct Entry applicants on a competitive basis - not all Direct Entry Engineering Officers will necessarily receive the GIS.  


RUS is available to undergraduate and Year 13 students. Recipients will become Officer Cadets in the RNZAF Reserve. The Air Force will fund your engineering studies and provide an annual living allowance on a ‘year for a year’ return of service basis. On completion of your degree you will join the Regular Force as an Engineering Officer. This scheme does not interrupt your studies as you will begin Initial Officer Training on completion of your degree. RUS students are also eligible to do up to 10 weeks of paid engineering work experience with the Air Force each year.

The minimum educational requirement to apply for RUS is University Entrance with 18 credits in both NCEA Level 3 Physics and Calculus. Successful applicants must study or continue to study a BE(Hons) in an approved specialisation.

*A full disclosure of the terms and conditions of the schemes can be provided on application.