Life in the Air Force

Excitement everyday

Just like the aircraft that we fly and maintain, our daily lives in the Air Force are fast-paced, exciting and packed with technology. 

Our fleet

We use Orion, Boeing and Hercules aircraft to provide maritime surveillance and reconnaissance around New Zealand, as well as air transport, sometimes over huge distances. We also operate A109 and NH-90 helicopters.

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Over 25 options

The Air Force isn't just about pilots. In fact they make up only a small part of the team. In reality, there are over 25 different Air Force careers to choose from.

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Social life

While working in the Air Force, you will find yourself in unique situations where 9-to-5 working just isn’t possible. When you are back on base the hours are the same as any civilian job, meaning you get time off to relax, enjoy yourself and follow your passions.

Whether your idea of relaxing is feet up with a cup of coffee, or hurling yourself out of an airplane with a canvas chute on your back, we will indulge you either way. There are loads of sports and clubs to get involved in, from all your favourite team sports to classic Air Force activities like flying and gliding. Put simply, you’ll have a perfectly normal social life – the only difference being plenty of leisure facilities and opportunities.


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Base – your home away from home

When you’re not overseas, you'll find yourself at one of our three New Zealand bases - in Whenuapai, Auckland; Ohakea in the Manawatu; or Woodbourne, near Blenheim. Our bases are all homes away from home. There’s everything here to make life comfortable and keep you entertained, such as a café and library, and sporting facilities including swimming pools, gyms, sports fields, tennis and squash courts.


Here's what you can get up to in your free-time:
Flying, Gliding, Parachuting, Basketball, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Football, Netball, Softball, Water Polo, Hockey & Hobby Clubs.

After you’ve been through the initial training period, your free time is your own. So if you want to go off base and see friends and family, you can.

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Give your passion purpose

Whatever your passion is in life, there's a role in the Air Force that will help give it purpose.

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