Medical & Health


You are a leader in the Army; you are tasked with planning and executing Operations in difficult situations. Take command of soldiers, equip yourself to lead and inspire others to bring out the best in themselves.
As a Chaplain of the Royal New Zealand Navy, you are appointed to provide ministry to Navy personnel (both military and civilian) and their families.
Accept the challenge of ministering to the spiritual and pastoral well-being of NZ Army personnel at any time, in any circumstance.
As a Chaplain of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, you are appointed to provide ministry to Air Force personnel (both military and civilian) and their families.
Be a Dentist in one of the most exciting and unusual surgeries in the world – the NZ Army.
Provide specialist advice and support at the heart of the NZ Army’s training and operations.

Force Health Protection Officers plan, coordinate and implement control strategies to minimise adverse health impacts from the environment and the workplace.

As a Medical Officer at the Navy Hospital, you will provide medical surgical services to Navy, Army and Air Force personnel, diving medicine service to civilians and occupational medicine for civilian employees of the Navy.
As a qualified Doctor in the Defence Force you’ll provide first-class health care in unique situations whilst developing clinical and military skills.
Unlike any medical career in the civilian world and unrivalled in its variety, you will practice all aspects of medical care and train other medics and aircrew.
Few nursing careers offer this level of variety. Learn to be a leader and gain outdoor, adventure and weapons skills.
As a Pharmacist in the New Zealand Army, you will be able to take your existing skills to the next level. The comprehensive training you will receive as an Officer will allow you to lead teams of people, in all kinds of situations.

As a Radiographer in the New Zealand Army you will function and interface with multidisciplinary medical personnel in both civilian base hospital and military field hospital environments.