No matter your interests, if you’re a leader who’s itching to take on world-class expertise, there’s an Officer role for you in the Defence Force. Check out the table below to compare the different roles in your field of interest - although some are similar across our three services, each offer their own unique career path.

 NavyArmyAir Force
AviationAirborne Tactical Officer  
  Air Warfare Officer
Helicopter Pilot Pilot
Combat & Security Army Officer 
Warfare Officer  
  Reserve Officer 
Engineering Army Officer 
Marine Engineer Officer Engineering Officer
Weapon Engineer Officer  
 Reserve Officer 
IT & Communications
 Army Officer 
  CIS Officer
Hydrographic Survey Officer  
  Intelligence Officer
Warfare Officer  
Maritime Trade Operations ReserveReserve Officer 
Logistics & Administration Army Officer 
Supply Officer Supply Officer
 Reserve Officer 
Specialist Army Officer 
Learning Development OfficerLearning Development OfficerLearning Development Officer
Legal OfficerLegal Advisor 
Maritime Trade Operations ReserveReserve Officer 
 Organisational PsychologistField PsychologistPsychologist
Medical & Health Army Officer 
 Dental Officer 
 Environmental Health Officer 
Medical OfficerMedical OfficerMedical Officer
 Nursing Officer 
 Reserve Officer 
   Force Health Protection Officer