Security Clearance

If you accept the Offer we will write to the New Zealand Defence Security Agency to request your current Security Clearance (if you have one) be transferred to New Zealand to cover you for a period of one year after enlistment. You will also need to complete and send the NZ Security Vetting Form back to us so that we can commence the process of obtaining a New Zealand security clearance before your transferred overseas clearance lapses. If you do not have a current Security Clearance you will need to wait until you are processed for a New Zealand security clearance. This can take up to 12 months (dependant on the level of clearance required) therefore it is in your best interests to complete the form as accurately and quickly as possible. Please also inform all of your nominated referees that the New Zealand Security Service will contact them so that they can reply in a timely fashion to expedite the process.

We acknowledge that due to certain Periods of Notice you may not be released for up to 12 months after you submit your notice. We are flexible, and if this date changes then please let us know and we will manage a new date for you to start.
However, please note that if there is going to be a significant delay then we will need to reassess your suitability.