When making such a big decision, like choosing the career path you want to take, there are always lots of questions you will have. Listed here are some of the most frequently asked ones - you can also filter them by category. 

If these don’t answer your query then give us a call on 0800 1 FORCE and we will be happy to help.

What is the minimum standard of fitness for the Defence Force?
The minimum standard of fitness will depend on your chosen Service and may also depend on your gender and age. In addition some jobs will require higher standards of fitness due to the nature of the work involved, Navy Diver is one such example.
What age do I have to be to apply to join the New Zealand Defence Force?

Although minimum age is 17, you can start the application process before turning 17. Some careers in the Defence Force have a higher age limit, but we can advise you about that if it applies. You can call us on 0800 1FORCE for further clarification.

I play sport at a competitive level. Can I keep playing while I'm in the Defence Force?

If you're playing top-level sports of any kind, we will usually be able to ensure you get the opportunity to compete. We have sportsmen and women who compete at national and international level, as well as fulfilling their regular duties.  The drive to win and teamwork are core to the Defence Force and so we encourage all personnel to get involved in team sports whenever they can.

How fit do I have to be to join?

Throughout the Defence Force, physical fitness is important and maintained at a high level. You need to be fit to do your job well and you need the energy reserves to respond to any emergency situations. This doesn’t just mean being physically strong – we need total fitness. As part of your application you will have to undertake fitness tests. These tests vary depending on the role you are applying for, visit Navy, Army or Air Force to see what tests apply for your chosen Service.

Before you undertake basic training, it's essential that you are reasonably fit and free of injuries and medical problems. Prior to joining, concentrate on cardiovascular work such as running and circuit training; to give yourself a head start, you should aim to achieve the minimum standard of fitness required for the job you wish to apply for