When making such a big decision, like choosing the career path you want to take, there are always lots of questions you will have. Listed here are some of the most frequently asked ones - you can also filter them by category. 

If these don’t answer your query then give us a call on 0800 1 FORCE and we will be happy to help.

What is a Candidate Coordinator?

They are a civilian member of the NZDF who works alongside the military recruiting personnel to help keep your application moving along. 

They will keep you updated on the status of your application and they will ask you to complete certain tasks at different points in the process.  They are your first port of call with any questions, and you will always have access to a military recruiter if you need it.

I applied previously to re-enlist but then I decided to put my application on hold. How do I get it activated again?

Either call 0800 1 FORCE (0800 136 723) and let them know you want to re-open your application, or fill out the Contact Form on this website and let us know that way.

Will my application be put in with everyone else that is applying for the first time?

No, we have a specialist team who handle all re-enlistment applications.  The team is made up of Army, Navy and Air Force recruiting personnel, as well as our civilian Candidate Coordinators.  We work closely with the Career Managers to manage your application.

What entitlements can I get to help my entry?

On successful application, and once you have accepted your Offer of Service, you may then be entitled to some of the below on entry or to aid with your entry:

  • Duty Travel for you and your family, from your bona fide home to new posting location
  • Household removals funding/partial funding
  • Accommodation (service or non) during relocation to new posting

Please note that these entitlements may change and are not always guaranteed.

Is there someone that I can talk to about re-enlisting and different trade options for me?

Yes, either call 0800 1 FORCE (0800 136 723) and ask to speak to a uniformed re-enlistment recruiter, or fill out the Contact Form on this website asking us to contact you to discuss re-enlistment options.

What age can I be employed until in the NZDF?

The NZDF has no upper age limits. Continued service is determined by vacancies, your performance and your health and fitness.

Will I be given the same rank and seniority as when I left?

Most of the time people re-enlist with the same rank and seniority, however this is assessed on a case by case basis, and includes factors such as how long you have been out for and what you have done since you left.

Can I apply for a different Service or Trade than I was in last time?

Yes.  Your previous experience will be reviewed against what you are applying for and you may be credited some course requirements.  This is assessed on a case by case basis and it may also be decided that you need to start again alongside new recruits.

Will you review my previous military file?

Yes, both the Recruiter and the Career Manager will review your file to assess your suitability for re-enlistment.  If it is decided that you are not suitable for re-enlistment you will be given the reason for this.

Have I been out of the NZDF for too long to re-enlist?

We assess each application for re-enlistment on a variety of factors and this includes how long you served previously, how long you have been out, and what you have been doing since you left, to help us decide if your skill fade is too high.

Do I have to go through the whole application process again of aptitude tests, fitness tests, etc?

If you’re applying for your previous trade you won’t have to re-sit your aptitude tests, but you may need to if you’re applying for something different. You will need to pass an RFL before re-enlisting in the Army, and the Navy and RNZAF will require you to pass their fitness tests shortly after you’re back in uniform (usually on the day of enlistment for Navy and within three months of enlistment for RNZAF).

Will you take into consideration extra skills I have gained since leaving the NZDF?

If your skills are relevant to your trade then this will be considered on a case by case basis.

Will you take into consideration extra skills I have gained since leaving the NZDF?

If your skills are relevant to your trade then this will be considered on a case by case basis.

How long does the medical clearance take?

This will vary depending on how long you have been out of the NZDF and whether you have had any medical treatment since leaving.  We may require additional information from your civilian GP and the sooner you provide this the sooner our military doctors can review your medical file.  A decision on medical clearance is usually made within a week as long as we have all the information we need from you.

How long does the Police check take?

It can take up to 30 days.  If you have lived overseas for longer than six months since you left the NZDF you will need to provide a Police check from that country and we can guide you on how to do that.

How I do apply to re-enlist?

Please click on the Apply Now button.  You need to register to create an account and you can then start your application.  Click ‘yes’ to NZ Military Experience and we’ll ask you for a couple of easy details, such as your Service number, and your application will then be ready to submit.