Fitness Requirements

Fitness is a huge part of Army life – and maintaining the Required Fitness Levels is critical. As a Soldier or an Officer, you’ll be given the facilities and time to train both in and outside of working hours, as well as advice on nutrition and hydration from our Army dietitians. Both regular physical activity and healthy eating will not only get you fit physically but keep you mentally sharp – which is critical in all aspects of Army life.

Recruitment Fitness Testing

At your Assessment Day (A Day) you will be required to pass a fitness test, and your results will be graded (Grade 0 is minimum pass, with Grade 5 being the highest level). This means that the better your fitness test results, the more competitive you are within the overall selection process. 

Your fitness test consists of a Multi-Stage Fitness Test (beep test), press ups and curl ups. To help you prepare for the fitness test you can use one of our Force Fit training programmes. 

The requirements and gradings for the test are tabled below:

MALE9.2 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>12.5 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
35 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>65 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
10 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>34 (Grade 5)
FEMALE7.3 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>11 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
25 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>54 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
3 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>20 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)

Induction Day Fitness Testing

The EFL (entry fitness level) test will need to be completed at your induction day. The requirements for the test are tabled below:

 Run 2.4 kmsCurl-UpsPress-Ups
Male12 Minutes4515
Female14 Minutes358

Ongoing Fitness Requirements

Once you have been accepted into the Army you are required to maintain a high level of fitness. The different levels of fitness you will need to attain to are below. Ultimately every soldier and officer should aspire to be in the 100 club - the peak level of fitness that will help you achieve the best you can in the Army.

RFL G2 (Required Fitness Level - Grade 2)

RFL G2 is what you need to achieve to graduate recruit training. Allowances exist for people aged 25 years or over.

 Run 2.4 KMSCurl-UpsPress-Ups
Male10 Minutes 30 Seconds6028
Female12 Minutes 20 Seconds5014

RFL G1 (Required Fitness Level - Grade 1

RFL G1 is the desired fitness level for all serving Soldiers and Officers.

 Run 2.4 KmsCurl-UpsPress-Ups
Male10 Minutes6630
Female11 Minutes 50 Seconds5515

THE '100 CLUB'

The '100 Club' is the fitness level that all New Zealand Army officers and soldiers aspire to reach.

 Run 2.4 KmsCurl-UpsPress-Ups
Male8 Minutes13055
Female10 Minutes 5 Seconds11836