Engineering & Technical Trades


You are a leader in the Army; you are tasked with planning and executing Operations in difficult situations. Take command of soldiers, equip yourself to lead and inspire others to bring out the best in themselves.


Become a respected expert in ammunition and bomb disposal, look after a wide range of munitions and make dangerous environments safe.
You will become highly skilled in the maintenance and repair of the weapons systems used by the NZ Army.
Combat Engineers in action

Learn to build and demolish structures and keep the Army moving in combat – a varied engineering role unique to the military.

Qualify as an electrical engineer and gain an unmatched variety of work experience. Learn military skills and travel.

Take advantage of unmatched electrical engineering apprenticeship training. Enjoy a variety of work challenges very few electrician careers offer.

As an Electronics Technician you are responsible for maintaining the NZ Army’s ‘eyes and ears’. You will work on sophisticated communications, night vision and sighting systems, as well as the electronic systems on the NZLAV.
The NZ Army is the only place to learn such a wide range of maintenance skills and enjoy adventure and military training.
You keep the Army moving by providing construction, earthworks and heavy engineering support. This is your chance to take charge of heavy machinery in some of the world’s toughest environments.

Get unrivalled training, trade qualifications and a diversity of experience that few plumbing careers or apprenticeships offer.

As a Systems Engineer your role is to provide technical engineering support to the NZ Army's Communication Information Systems fleet.
Combine unrivalled petrol and diesel mechanic training with military skills and a range of experiences that civilian mechanic careers just can’t match.