Army Reserve (Territorial Force)


The New Zealand Army Officers are our managers and strategists. Their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities will earn them trust and respect to display the strength of character to inspire their soldiers in potentially difficult situations.


You will be trained to operate and fight from an armoured Pinzgauer, light operational vehicle (LOV) and trained in the skills of mounted reconnaissance.

As a Combat Medical Technician, you will be trained in first aid and emergency care skills, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Out in the field, you will be ensuring a high level of health and hygiene is adhered to in order to prevent illness and injury.

As a Reserve Driver in the Army, you will be trained to operate your vehicle carrying troops or equipment by day and night, anywhere in the world, and in all weather conditions and terrain.

Field Engineers provide the New Zealand Army with vital combat engineering support.

As a Gunner, you will be part of a professional team dedicated to providing safe, accurate and timely fire support to troops. As a Gunner you will specialise in one the gunner streams; Field Gun Operator, Artillery Signaller or Command Post Operator.

As Infantry (Rifleman) within an Army Reserve unit you will work mostly outdoors in close-knit teams, learning combat skills such as weapon handling, navigation, field craft and survival.

As a Movement Operator you will be in charge of the planning, co-ordinating and execution of the movement of equipment and personnel from one location to another by land, air or sea.

Daily activities a movement operator may be involved in are: