Fitness requirements

Regular physical activity is crucial in preparing for your role in the Air Force – not only will it help you get physically fit, but it will help increase your mental sharpness too. We will help by giving you time during working hours each week to maintain your fitness – and this won’t just involve intense workouts at the gym but social sports with your mates too.

Recruitment Fitness Testing

At your Assessment Day (A Day) you will be required to pass a fitness test and your results will be graded (Grade 0 is minimum pass, with Grade 5 being the highest level). This means that the better your fitness test results, the more competitive you are within the overall selection process. 

Your fitness test consists of a Multi-Stage Fitness Test (beep test), press ups and curl ups. Although curl ups are not required for entry into the Air Force, you will do them as part of the A Day fitness test to keep your options open for the other services. You won't be graded on them but it is recommended you aim above the minimum pass. To help you prepare for the fitness test you can use one of our Force Fit training programmes.

The requirements and gradings for the test are tabled below:

MALE7.10 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>10.5 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
5 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>29 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
FEMALE5.9 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>8.6 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)
1 (Grade 2, Minimum Pass)
>14 (Grade 7, Strong Pass)

Ongoing Fitness Requirements

Everyone who joins the Air Force will first need to pass an Operational Fitness Test (OFT), which involves both marching and push-ups to test both your core fitness and dexterity. The march involves carrying an evenly distributed weight of 20kgs. This is to simulate carrying the heavy equipment you will have to take with you on deployments. Have a look below to see what you will need to achieve at each level.

Time Standards for the 5 Kilometre Weighted March

 Time (F1)Time (F2)Time (F1)Time (F2)
50 +48:0050:0050:3052:30

(F1) is the highest level of pass. (F2) is the minimum standard required.

Repetition Standards for Press Up Test

 Repetitions (F1)Repetitions (F2)Repetitions (F1)Repetitions (F2)
50 +22121208

(F1) is the highest level of pass. (F2) is the minimum standard required.